Czech Constitutional Court Approves Ratification of Treaty of Lisbon

The Czech Constitutional Court has ruled that that the Treaty of Lisbon, and ratification of it, does not contravene the Czech constitutional order.

The Court says that it does not consider it possible, in view of the role that it plays in the constitutional system of the Czech Republic, that it should create such a catalog of non-transferrable competences and authoritatively define ‘the substantive limits for the transfer of competence’ as the petitioner requests.


3 responses to “Czech Constitutional Court Approves Ratification of Treaty of Lisbon

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  2. See here for the first campaign – the Right2Bet Campaign – hoping to be the first to utilise Lisbon’s “Citizens Initiative” provision. Grassroots campaigns like Right2Bet can and will make a huge difference in the new Europe, of that I am sure.

  3. Вихър Георгиев

    Marc, I typically do not allow campaign messages on my blog; however, it is interesting to know something more about this initiative if it indeed manages to become the first one.

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