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CO2 Tax in Europe?

The idea of CO2 taxation of fuels in Europe is not new. Now Euractiv says that the European Commission is planning to propose a new CO2-related component that is designed to complement a general tax on energy consumption.

The draft suggests that a minimum levy of €0.01 per kilogramme of CO2 could be added to the price of heating fuels like gasoil, kerosene and natural gas. Motor fuels would be taxed either €0.01 or €0.03 per kg/CO2, depending on where they are used.

There are exemptions provided, such as due to distribution imbalances, and a general transitional period for Eastern European Member States until 2021. There is also an idea to pass the draft under the rules of enhanced cooperation. That will allow dissenting Member States to opt out of the new rules.

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Codified Directive on Tax Exemptions from Introduction of Personal Property

The codified Directive 2009/55/EC on tax exemptions applicable to the permanent introduction from a Member State of the personal property of individuals has been published in the Official Journal.

The main rule is that every Member State must exempt personal property introduced permanently from another Member State by private individuals, from consumption taxes which normally apply to such property.