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Rating Foreign Policy in Public Opinion

A BBC poll among more than 29,000 adults, asked respondents to say whether they considered the influence of different countries in the world to be mostly positive or mostly negative.

The poll focuses a lot of its attention on the performance of the United States. However, I am much more interested in the relative performance of the European Union and separate Member States.

The most positive ratings in the whole survey went for Germany (an average of 59% positive). The United Kingdom (52% positive) and France (49% positive) were also high on the list. The European Union as a whole was viewed positively by 53% of the respondents worldwide.

Here’s the thing. Respondents from only one country rated quite negatively the EU (45% negative, 29% positive). That country was Turkey. Go figure.

Racist Crimes are Underreported in Europe

The European Union Minorities and Discrimination Survey shows that most of the racism-motivated crimes are not reported in EU Member States. Most of the interviewed didn’t report, because it would not change anything (63%). Roma in 4 countries – Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Greece, are in the top 5 groups most discriminated against.

Bulgaria appears more tolerant on this scale.