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Obama Will Not Meet European Union

US President Barack Obama will not attend a European Union-US summit to have been held in Spain in May.

Interestingly, Mr. Gordon Brown, the British Prime Minister, spoke instead of Mr. Obama:

“A trip to Spain for a summit was never on his agenda. He strongly values the bilateral relationship with Spain.”

Results from the EU-Russia Summit

So what are the particular results of the last EU-Russia summit? First, the parties signed financing agreements for five cross-border co-operation programmes (CBC) under the European Neighbourhood and Partnership Instrument (ENPI).

Second, Russia claimed to support the energy security of the EU, though doubts remain.

Third, Russia has pledged to support the EU position on climate policy, but details remain vague.


New EU Summit on November 19th

The Swedish presidency has called an EU summit on 19 November to decide on the posts of President of the European Council and High Representative on the foreign and security policy.

The summit will be in the format of an EU leaders’ dinner in Brussels and comes after two weeks of consultations between Stockholm and the other EU capitals.

Poland has an interesting proposal – to hold candidate hearings during the summit.


European Council “Language” for G20 Summit

The informal European Council meeting on 17 September 2009 resulted in this document, called “Agreed Language for the Pittsburgh G-20 Summit”.

Some key messages:

  • Exit strategies need to be designed now and implemented in a coordinated manner as soon as recovery takes hold;
  • It is important to strengthen global macroeconomic coordination (…) based on a central role for the IMF;
  • The G-20 should commit to a globally coordinated system of macro-prudential supervision, based on close cooperation of the IMF, the FSB and the supervisory authorities, with effective exchange of information;
  • All G-20 countries must adopt the Basel II capital framework;
  • The G-20 should commit to agreeing to binding rules for financial institutions on variable remunerations backed up by the threat of sanctions at the national level;
  • The international carbon market should be expanded and reformed through establishing and linking trading schemes;
  • The G-20 should recognise the need to fast-start international public support for addressing urgent climate financing needs in developing countries, in particular least developed countries.

Russia and EU in Open Conflict over Energy Supplies

The largely discussed EU-Russia summit has produced no results other than hardening of the positions, it seems. No agreement was reached on the important issues – and more specifically the security of gas supplies through Ukraine.