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Draft Joint Employment Report 2009

The European Commission presents the draft Joint Employment Report 2009. The draft report will be discussed by Employment and Social Affairs Ministers in the Council early in 2010 and when adopted, will become a joint report by the Commission and the Member States.

The report says that developments since mid-2008 are marked by falling demand for new workers (around -30%), employment contraction (-1.9% = 4.3 million jobs), and rising unemployment especially among groups already in a relatively weaker labour market situation before the crisis (young people, low-skilled, migrants).

The Commission identifies three broad challenges for employment policies in which the crisis measures will need to be adjusted within the framework of ongoing structural reforms:

  • The need to reinforce existing crisis measures – the key is to focus on improving the effectiveness of these measures.
  • The need to re-orient crisis measures – the key issue is to reduce inactivity and unemployment traps while ensuring income security for those most in need and those experiencing transitions.
  • The need to phase out crisis measures – the focus is on structural reforms.