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Common EU Rules for Exports

The new Regulation (EC) No 1061/2009 establishing common rules for exports has been published in the Official Journal.

The principle set out in the regulation is that the exportation of all goods from the European Union shall be free, with the exception of the restrictions provided for in that regulation.


ECJ: On-Line Gambling Restrictions Are Justified

The Grand Chamber of European Court of Justice has ruled that some restrictions of on-line gambling by Member Sates are legitimate for the objective of combating fraud and crime

ECJ: Ownership of Pharmacies May Be Restricted

ECJ has ruled on the question whether national restrictions for ownership and operation of pharmacies contradicts with the principle of free competition.

In its judgments ECJ states that excluding the possibility for non-pharmacists to operate pharmacies or to acquire stakes in companies or firms operating pharmacies constitutes a restriction on the freedom of establishment and the free movement of capital.

That restriction can nevertheless be justified by the objective of ensuring that the provision of medicinal products to the public is reliable and of good quality.