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New Regulation on Feed

The new Regulation (EC) No 767/2009 on the placing on the market and use of feed has been published in the Official Journal. This means that the production, distribution and use of feed will now be regulated by a single regulation.

Useful Tool on Financial Regulation Reform in the EU and US

A graphic tool by the Financial Times explains the existing framework and proposed changes to financial regulation in the EU, US and UK.

To my best knowledge, the UK is still an EU Member State. However, it is not part of the eurozone and London is the biggest financial centre in Europe. That explains the separate heading.

Proposal for New Regulation on Gas Supplies

The European Commission has adopted a proposal for a new regulation to improve security of gas supplies in the framework of the internal gas market.

The proposed Regulation on security of gas supply provides a common indicator to define a serious gas supply disruption. This is known as N-1, i.e. the shutdown of a major supply infrastructure or equivalent (e.g. import pipeline or production facility). It requires all Member States to have a competent authority that would be responsible for monitoring gas supply developments, assessing risks to supplies, establishing preventive action plans and setting up emergency plans.

New EU Feed Regulation

The Council of the EU has adopted new feed regulation that should simplify and modernize procedures for labeling and marketing animal feed and pet food..

The main changes are:

  • Responsibility of the feed business operators is expanded also to those dealing with pet food, an area in which the recent melamine incidents revealed a gap;
  • New list with prohibited substances for feed use;
  • “Bio-proteins” have to comply with the general provisions for feed materials;
  • Mandatory labelling particulars for feed materials and mixed feed;
  • Solution to the controversial issue of the declaration of feed materials in compound feed (so called “open declaration”) in a balanced way to allow innovation and, at the same time, appropriate information for the customers.
  • Creation of a guide to good labelling for farm animal feed and one for pet food on the initiative of the stakeholders (feed manufacturers and users) and approved by the Commission (Co-regulation).
  • Establishment of a Community Catalogue of feed materials in co-regulation.