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Japan: Towards an Asian Community?

The Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ) seized 308 seats in Sunday’s Lower House election, bouncing the Liberal Democratic Party from power.

But why is this important from an EU legal perspective?

Well, because of this article by Yukio Hatoyama, leader of DPJ and future prime-minister. There, he says:

“(W)e should nonetheless aspire to move toward regional currency integration (…)Establishing a common Asian currency will likely take more than 10 years. For such a single currency to bring about political integration will surely take longer still. (…)

(T)he issues that stand in the way of regional integration can only be truly resolved by moving toward greater integration. The experience of the E.U. shows us how regional integration can defuse territorial disputes.”

This is an old European dream: to let our experience benefit other political communities. So is this a shift in Asian regionalism?