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Netherlands will Retreat from Afghanistan

Netherlands will likely pull its troops out of Afghanistan by the end of this year. This comes after the Labour Party left the coalition, saying it could not agree to a Nato request to extend the Dutch mission beyond 2010.

The governor of Uruzgan where the Dutch troops are stationed has said that they “will leave a big vacuum” behind.

HIS Global Insight says that the psychological blow of the Dutch departure could set the scene for other nations to reduce their involvement in the Afghan mission in future.

Dutch Government Considers Safeguard Clause for Bulgaria and Romania

Dutch Minister of European Affairs Frans Timermans has asked the Justice Commissioner Jacques Barrot to consider the possible activation of the safeguard clause for the judiciary together with the forthcoming publication of the CVM report on Romania and Bulgaria.

This comes after the “Borilski” case controversy in Bulgaria that may prompt  a de facto invocation of the safeguard clause by France.