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Romania Offers Citizenship to 1 M Moldavians

The Romanian President Traian Basescu has asked the Romanian government to amend relevant legislation in order to “speed up and facilitate the process of restoring Romanian citizenship to those who have lost it, and to their families, until the third degree”. Basescu said that in this way “the Romanians from the Republic of Moldova would quickly restore their Romanian citizenship and would become, not from a moral, but a legal point of view, members of the European family”. It is estimated that the measure will apply to up to 1 million Moldavians.

Moldova will become a state where one part of the population has also Russian citizenship (in the Transnistria region), while another part has also Romanian citizenship, which means EU citizenship as well.

Election Ballots Will Be Recounted in Moldova After All

Moldova’s Constitutional Court ordered the Central Election Commission to carry out the recount after receiving the request from the Communist President Vladimir Voronin.

The opposition demands a new election.

Meanwhile EU diplomats in Moldova are trying to verify reports of gross human rights violations in the aftermath of anti-government protests. Havier Solana’s special envoy to Moldova, Hungarian diplomat Kalman Mizsei, has been in Chisinau for the past week on a mission to establish a dialogue between government and opposition forces and to gather facts.

This is a welcome development, but it remains to be seen whether tensions will subside. I am impressed by claims of civil organizations in Moldova reported by EurActiv that claim that preconditions are being created for the establishment of a police and dictatorial regime in the Republic of Moldova.

Today democracy obviously comes in short supply.

Moldova Expells Romanian Diplomats, Threatens Visa Regime

The Moldavian president Alexander Voronin has announced that the Romanian ambassador has been declared a “persona non grata”, and that Moldova will impose visa restrictions with Romania.This comes after Mr. Voronin’s allegations that Romania’s influence in the riots was “very serious”.

The Romanian foreign ministry denied accusations.

This is odd. Moldova cannot unilaterally impose visas on Romanian citizens, and it may be in breach of its agreement on the facilitation of the issuance of visas.

For now the EU presidency and the Commission remain silent.