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Commission Will Sue Member States over Pay Rise

The European Commission has said that it would take member states to court for blocking a standard pay rise due to EU civil servants. This is because the Member States have decided to decrease the planned salary indexation from 3.7% to 1.85%. The salary indexation is an automated mechanism that does not provide for adjustments.

Some member states have referred to “political sensitivity”. While I agree that many (especially in the UK) may start pointing fingers at the Commission, I also tend to believe that rules should be followed. The Member States should amend the rules first before being politically sensitive.

It will be interesting to hear also from the European Parliament.

New Guide for Access to European Legislation

A new guide gives essential information on official sources of legal gazettes, consolidated legislation and legislative databases. It covers the European Union, the European Free Trade Association, the European Economic Area, as well as each of the Member States in these legal systems.

Member States Demand Sanctions for Bulgaria and Romania

The spokesman of the European Commission has reportedly said that some Member States have demanded sanctions for Bulgaria and Romania due to failed fight against corruption and misuse of EU funds.

This is not news for me, but we still need to see any public claims and the supporting arguments of those unnamed Member States.

Should EU Member States’ Embassies Help Iranian Protestors?

EUobserver reports that Italy had instructed its embassy in Tehran to provide humanitarian aid to wounded protesters, pending a coordinated response from all EU countries. Austria has also instructed its embassy to provide first aid to protestors. But Sweden – which is about to take over the EU presidency – said it cannot grant asylum to refugees. Belgium also thinks that it should not allow refugees on the territory of its embassy.

France and Finland have also called for a common EU approach on how to deal with refugees and asylum seekers.

In the same time the Iranian government has accused the UK and France in meddling with the crisis.

What should EU governments do? From a diplomatic and consular law perspective – nothing. They should not use embassies in such a way that can infringe article 41, of the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations – containing a duty a duty not to interfere in the internal affairs of the receiving state.

However, the EU can do a lot by working with the US, China, Russia, and other stakeholders to contain Iran, as claims François Godement from the European Council on Foreign Relations. A team of experts from RAND Corporation also believes that a concerted, multilateral approach is needed to manage the Iranian threat. This also implies a common European approach to Iran for a change.