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A Good Guide to Institutional Innovations in the Treaty of Lisbon

The Center for European Policy Studies (CEPS), Egmont (Belgium’s Royal Institute of International Affairs) and the European Policy Centre (EPC) have come together to publish a second study of the institutional innovations included of the Treaty of Lisbon. The authors have identified ten issues that they explore in length. A couple of general conclusions are made:

  • The institutional system of the European Union has become more complex;
  • The European Parliament and the European Council have clearly been reinforced by the Treaty of Lisbon;
  • The Lisbon Treaty reinforces and accelerates an evolution towards increased joint management.

I recommend this publication to anyone interested in the institutional dynamics of the European Union.

New Guide for Access to European Legislation

A new guide gives essential information on official sources of legal gazettes, consolidated legislation and legislative databases. It covers the European Union, the European Free Trade Association, the European Economic Area, as well as each of the Member States in these legal systems.

A Concise Overview of EU Institutions and the Decision-Making Process

CEPS has published a study by Christian Egenhofer, Sebastian Kurpas and Louise van Schaik called “The Ever-Changing Union. An Introduction to the History, Institutions and Decision-Making Processes of the European Union”.

In its nature this is a concise, informative piece that amply presents the institutions of the European Union, as well as major issues of the decision-making process. An interesting section is about the key concepts and principles of the European Union, some of them formulated quite originally.