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There Will Be Measures on Greece

We know that some measures will be taken to support Greece. The decision was taken during a meeting of the eurogroup on Monday. Officially we don’t know what the measures will be. Unofficially we know that most likely they will come in the form of coordinated bilateral loans. The final decision will probably be taken by the European Council.

The question now is – is this really enough?

Juncker Remains Head of the Eurogroup

Jean-Claude Juncker has been re-appointed for a new mandate of two-and-a-half years as president of the eurozone finance ministers, the Eurogroup.

The Eurogroup is now much more important, since the Treaty of Lisbon bars non-eurozone Member States from voting on certain issues in the Ecofin format (ministers of finance). Mr. Juncker says he will aim at better coordination of macroeconomic policies of eurozone members.