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European Parliament lashes out at Bulgaria for EU Funds Mismanagement

In its report for the discharge of the European Commission for the general budget in 2007, the European Parliament has strongly criticized Bulgaria for the mismanagement of EU funds.

Here are some of the findings of the report:

“urgent steps are required to correct the weaknesses in the management of EU funds in Bulgaria”

“the Commission (…) froze EUR 250 000 000 in Phare funding, EUR 105 000 000 in Sapard funding and EUR 115 000 000 in ISPA funding in Bulgaria; (…) the final loss for Bulgaria under Phare is EUR 220 000 000”

“all actions and measures recently taken by Bulgaria need to be followed up by credible, structural corrective actions and a fundamental reform of all structures involved in the management of EU funds, so as to ensure the correct and timely take up of funds and a high level of transparency”

“[The Parluiament] asks the Commission to submit to it a special report on the state of play of the management and control of all EU funds in Bulgaria covering the period until 15 July 2009″

Knowledge4Innovation: EU Loses Billions in Duplicating Existing Research

Roland Strauss, executive director of Knowledge4Innovation, has told EurActiv in an interview that “billions of euro could be saved if knowledge that is already available was not created a second or third time”.

According to Strauss there are two opportunities to fight that: one is to use existing information that can come from patent offices, from sleeping pattens and, on the other side, better communication among research actors themselves. He says knowledge and innovation communities will be an important factor in determining EU research and innovation priorities.