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EP: Member States Obstruct Free Movement of EU Citizens

In a very critical report, the Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs accuses the Member states of erecting many obstacles to the free movement of the EU’s citizens.

The report says that major infringements of fundamental rights have been identified, including some relating to the right of entry and residence for family members from non-EU countries and the obligation for EU citizens, when applying for a residence permit, to submit additional documents such as work permits or satisfactory proof of accommodation, something not required under the directive.

This is a very important issue, because free movement of persons is a  prerequisite for economic development. But there is more to the question – free movement of EU citizens is one of their fundamental rights. There is a causal link between the exercise of these rights, and the legitimacy of the Union.

Tories Leave the EPP

The UK’s Conservative Party has confirmed to the European People’s Party that it will leave the EPP political group in the European Parliament.

The Tories plan to lead a new conservative group in the EP. Just a reminder – EP elections are due in June this year.