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CEPS Proposes Freezing Enforcement Procedure

Sergio Carrera and Anaïs Faure Atger from CEPS have provided a thorough and very interesting account of the current cases of expulsion of Roma citizens from France (hat tip: Grahnlaw).  They provide a careful and precise assessment of the expulsions from the perspective of EU law that is definitely worth reading.

More importantly, they put forward a proposal a new (preventive) enforcement mechanism that would complement the existing ones (the infringement procedure – art. 258 TFEU, and the fundamental rights proceedings, art. 7 TEU). This procedure would be primarily destined to ensure that contested national policies and practices falling within the remits of EU law and fundamental rights would be immediately ‘frozen’ while the formal opening of infringement or fundamental rights proceedings would be still be considered and/or under study.

This is a very interesting proposal with far-reaching consequences and is worth considering.

Commission: Waste Management Agency is Needed

A European Commission study recommends setting up a dedicated European body to oversee the implementation and enforcement of EU waste law. The new agency should tackle the underlying problems of poor implementation and enforcement of European waste legislation. The scale of the problem has grown in recent years following increases in waste generated and shipped in the enlarged EU.

Current gaps in implementation and enforcement have led to wide-scale illegal dumping and large numbers of landfills and other facilities and sites that do not meet EU standards. In some Member States, waste infrastructure is inadequate or missing.