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EU Pledges 420 Million Euro for Haiti

The European Union has promised more than 420 million euro in aid to Haiti. 229 million will go for humanitarian aid and immediate restoration after the earthquake.

Jean Quatremer however criticizes the lack of publicity for EU aid.

Let’s Help Haiti Today!

There was a terrible earthquake in Haiti, killing tens of thousands. Many are still trapped in the debris, and a lot of wounded people need urgent medical care. Almost all hospitals and public buildings have been demolished.

I would like to ask everyone if able to spare a few bucks and to support the ongoing rescue operation in Haiti. The immediate priorities include search and rescue, medical services and supplies, clean water and sanitation, emergency shelter, food, logistics and telecommunications.

A non-exhaustive list of NGOs working on the ground:

  • Doctors without borders – donate here;
  • Oxfam – donate here;
  • Care – donate here.

I thank you in advance on behalf of all those who will be saved with your help!