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Approval Vote Can Be Postponed over Jeleva?

Euractiv reports that according to a source in the group of the Alliance for the Liberals and Democrats in Europe (ALDE) in the European Parliament has said that if Bulgarian commissioner designate Rumiana Jeleva were to seem problematic following the hearings, a decision would be taken to postpone the vote on the whole Barroso II team, scheduled for 26 January. Instead of risking voting out the entire EU executive over one candidate, changes would be made, the source said.

The spokesman of the European People’s Party, Antoine Ripoll, says that “the policy of the new [Bulgarian] government against corruption is pretty drastic (…) this creates reactions, and one should seek there the explanations for those attacks.”

Rumiana Jeleva vs Die Welt

The German “Die Welt” says that that the current Bulgarian Foreign Minister and commissioner designate, Rumiana Jeleva, has made a staggering career but describes her husband as a member of the mafia.

Mrs. Jeleva says that she will sue the newspaper for libel.

In any case the image of Bulgaria will be tarnished even further.

Rumiana Jeleva Nominated for Bulgarian Commissioner

Bulgaria’s foreign minister, Rumiana Jeleva, has been officially nominated for commissioner in the Barroso II European Commission.

This nomination will not, however, solve the gender imbalance in the Commission.

Borisov: Bulgarian Commissioner Chosen, Portfolio Not Clear

Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borisov has said that the name of the new Bulgarian Commissioner has already been agreed on. Mr. Borisov said that the portfolio for the commissioner is still not clear and that there is “hard bargaining” for the portfolio distribution.

Foreign Minister Rumyana Jeleva says that Bulgaria is in a disadvantaged position in negotiations “because of the mechanism for cooperation and because of our internal problems, we are constantly in a position to explain and defend”.

Kuneva Not a Commissioner?

Euractiv reports that the winner in the parliamentary elections in Bulgaria Boyko Borissov, has said yesterday that current Bulgarian EU Commissioner Meglena Kuneva will be a member of the European Parliament, not a commissioner.

Euractiv says that Borissov is widely expected to nominate Rumiana Jeleva as Bulgaria’s commissioner.