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Commissioner Hearings: So Far, So Good

There were four important hearings of commissioner designates in the European Parliament on Monday.

The summaries from the hearings of the candidates:

I was able to follow personally the hearing of Mrs. Catherine Ashton. She was very well prepared, and failed to answer only a few questions (one question was about the transatlantic market initiative, which is, well, not mainstream to say the least and bears a lot of criticism). Euractiv and EUobserver provide their accounts of her hearing.

Today I will follow with great attention the presentation of the Bulgarian commissioner designate – Mrs. Rumiana Jeleva. You can also follow her hearing online here.

Start of Hearings of Commissioner Designates

The hearings of commissioner designates start today in the European Parliament. The hearings are expected to end on January, 19th. A vote of approval for the whole college of commissioners is scheduled for January, 26th. However, the voting may be postponed depending on the results from the hearings.

Bulgarian commissioner designate, Rumiana Jeleva, will appear before members of the Committee on Development on January, 12th, at 16:30 Brussels time (17:30 Bulgarian time).

The hearings may be followed online through the EP Live service.