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Strategy for the Implementation of the Charter of Fundamental Rights

The European Commission has adopted its Strategy for the effective implementation of the Charter of Fundamental Rights by the European Union. The main points:

1. Guaranteeing that the EU is beyond reproach in upholding fundamental rights

All proposals for EU legislation must respect the Charter. On the basis of a fundamental rights “check list,” the Commission services will identify which fundamental rights could be affected by a proposal and assess systematically the impact on these rights of each envisaged policy option.

The Commission will launch an inter-institutional dialogue to determine methods for dealing with amendments that raise questions of compatibility with fundamental rights.

The Commission will use all tools available, including infringement proceedings when necessary, to ensure compliance with the Charter in the implementation of EU law.

2. Improving information for citizens

Citizens will have access to information about legal remedies in all Member States through the Commission’s new e-Justice portal in 2011.

The Commission will explain when it can and cannot intervene on fundamental rights complaints where these are outside the scope of EU competence.

3. Monitoring progress

The Commission will publish an Annual Report on the application of the Charter. The report will monitor progress in the areas where the EU has powers to act: showing how the Charter has been taken into account in concrete cases (such as when new legislation is proposed).

Deal on Czech Demands for Opt-Out

The European Council has accepted the demands of Czech President Vaclav Klaus to include an opt-out from the application of the Charter of fundamental rights of the European Union. The opt-out will be included at a later stage in the Treaty of Lisbon.


Now we are waiting for the decision of the Czech Constitutional Court that may come on November, 3rd.


Klaus Demands New Declaration in Treaty of Lisbon

The Czech president Vaclav Klaus has demanded an opt-out for the Czech Republic from the Charter of fundamental rights of the European Union, similar to that obtained earlier by Britain and Poland, in order to sign the Treaty of Lisbon.

This would require either a re-ratification of the Treaty of Lisbon, or a declaration by the European Council.