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Ad Hoc Comitology?

With the Treaty of Lisbon we have for the first time a formal hierarchy of EU legal acts. In this hierarchy the implementing act of the Commission are sub-divided into delegated (art. 290 TFEU) and implementing (art. 291 TFEU) acts. The legal frameworks for the adoption of delegated and implementing acts are still being negotiated. The old comitology decision does not apply to new acts. So in the mean time there is obviously some ad hoc comitology being introduced.

In art. 21 of Decision No 661/2010/EU on Union guidelines for the development of the trans-European transport network we read that a committee made up of representatives of the Member States will assist the Commission and will exchange information on the plans and programmes notified by Member States and may consider any question relating to the development of the trans-European transport network.

This sounds like an ad hoc consultative comitology committee.

Proposal for Ad Hoc EP Mafia Committee

The European Parliament should tackle the problems posed by mafias across Europe by setting up an ad hoc committee to investigate their connection with “financial, entrepreneurial and political systems,” according to Italian MEP Rosario Crocetta.

What a good idea!