2011 Reports for Bulgaria and Romania under the Cooperation and Verification Mechanism

The European Commission has published its fifth progress reports for Bulgaria and Romania under the Cooperation and Verification Mechanism (CVM) for 2011. The reports monitor the progress of the two Member States on progress with judicial reform, the fight against corruption and, concerning Bulgaria, the fight against organized crime.

The report on Bulgaria notes that Bulgaria has strengthened the Supreme Judicial Council and improved rules for the appointment, professional training, appraisals and promotions of judges. Several organised crime and corruption cases have reached verdicts in court. At the same time, an increased number of indictments in cases related to organised crime and fraud with EU funds have been achieved. The report notes that the leadership of the Bulgarian judiciary has yet to show a real commitment to thorough judicial reform as slow progress is not just the result of shortcomings in judicial practice and in the Penal Code. Again and again the Commission points out that judicial appointments still lack the necessary level of transparency and credibility. The report also notes that there is a lack of consistent disciplinary practice in the judiciary. The Commission sees weaknesses in the collection of evidence, the protection of witnesses as well as in investigative strategies, comprehensive financial investigations and the securing of assets. The Commission recommends that coordination within the prosecution and between the prosecution and the police should be improved. The most important recommendation of the Commission is to establish proposals for a reform of the Supreme Judicial Council, the Supreme Cassation Prosecution Office and the Prosecution in general regarding structures, legal attributions, composition, appointments and internal organization.

The report on Romania points to the significant steps Romania took since the last annual report of July 2010. Romania improved judicial efficiency, re-established the legal basis of the National Integrity Agency, continued preparations for the implementation of the four new codes, launched preparations for a functional review of the judicial system and carried out an impact analysis of its anti-corruption policy. At the same time, the report also notes that consistency and results in a number of areas remain a challenge and that progress in the fight against corruption still needs to be pursued. The report concludes that Romania needs to take urgent action to accelerate high-level corruption trials and to prevent their prescription due to expiry of statute-barred periods. The fight against corruption should remain a top priority, with support from Parliament, and urgent measures should be taken to improve the recovery of proceeds of crime, the pursuit of money laundering and the protection against conflict of interest in the management of public funds.



One response to “2011 Reports for Bulgaria and Romania under the Cooperation and Verification Mechanism

  1. zdrasti, Vihar 🙂 i’m not at all happy with the new report for romania–here’s just a few of my recent tweets on the matter:
    –the monitoring team got it wrong 😦 ANI is an administrative jurisdiction, in and of itself, not a pre- or para-penal/criminal institution 😦 page 11 in the technical report http://ow.ly/5IQJL;
    –the criticism against CNI is only partially correct 😦 unfortunately, the current make up of the council is incapable of fixing anything 😦 page 12 in the same technical report http://ow.ly/5IQJL;
    –this phrase is absolutely disqualifying for the EC and the MCV expert team: “Government has shown determination and commitment in driving reforms. Parliament or judiciary not always” 😦 page 2 in the progress report http://ow.ly/5IRzO;
    –>i’ll write some more on the topic, when i have time, probably by the end of this week… vsichko dobro! –Codru

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