Corrupted Politicians, Beware! EU is Watching You!

The Commission has proposed a set of measures to address the harm that corruption causes to European societies. The Commission is setting up a new mechanism, the EU Anti-Corruption Report, to monitor and assess Member States’ efforts against corruption and encourage more political engagement. Supported by an expert group and a network of research correspondents, and the necessary EU budget, the Report will be managed by the Commission and published every two years, starting in 2013. It will identify trends and weaknesses that need to be addressed, as well as stimulate peer learning and exchange of best practices.

How effective will the report be? It’s a very good sign that the EU will have a more focused approach towards diagnosing serious corruption in Member states. But it’s far from certain that ample treatment will follow the diagnosis. If we consider the experience with the reports under the Cooperation and Verification Mechanism for Bulgaria and Romania, it appears that the Commission reports stir a lot of emotions and produce fewer practical results.

Any effort to independently monitor corruption levels in any Member state should be commended. The Commission should also consider benefiting from the existing monitoring mechanisms set up by Transparency International and OECD.



2 responses to “Corrupted Politicians, Beware! EU is Watching You!

  1. The EU can save itself some euro by looking at past monetary performance from questionable member states. The PIIGS were in a constant state of crisis before the euro. For their currencies were over inflated, 1 euro = 166 pesetas, 1 euro = 1936 liras, 1 euro = 200 escudos, 1 euro = 340 dracmas – except the Irish punt 1 punt = 1.27 euros. Ireland was foolish to believe they could pay back EU loans when they do not have the job infrastructure to pay back EU loans. All the other PIIGS always spent more that they made and shows in their former curencies. Need money to your retirees at 57, no problem! Fire up the PIIGS printing press.

    The EU can do all they want and try to solve the debt crisis, but they will fail. Because the PIIGS have a different mindset than their northern counterparts.

    You can change a currency, yet its impossible to change a culture.

    I know this too, since I live in southern Spain. People here are more concerned about their time off and fiestas than work!

    • Вихър Георгиев

      It’s not that simple. Macroeconomic imbalances are definitely a major problem, and they were exacerbated by the common currency.

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