Start of Accession Negotiations with Iceland

This is always an important event. Today the European Union and its Member States will officially start negotiations for the accession of Iceland to the EU. The process will probably be smooth given the membership of Iceland in the European Economic Area. The biggest stumbling block remains the Icesave dispute between Iceland and the UK and the Netherlands.

One response to “Start of Accession Negotiations with Iceland

  1. Officially Iceland has applied for EU membership and officially the European Union member states negotiate accession, but the reality is surreal, since almost all the political parties and the population in Iceland reject membership.

    At this point in time two alternative results seem possble: 1) negotiations break down, officially because agreement is impossible concerning fisheries or other issues, or 2) the accession treaty is defeated in a referendum.

    Right now, I give Icelandic membership about the same odds as for the survival of a snowball in Hell.

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