“Afghanistan is not Sweden”???

I’ve been following with slight misapprehension the nervous reactions of some US bloggers and commentators on the Wikileaks scandal that involved the publication of thousands of US military confidential documents on the Internet.

One particular post, however, needs further comment. It comes from the Passport blog of the Foreign Policy magazine and was written by Blake Hounshell. It is titled “Afghanistan is not Sweden”. There, Mr. Hounshell criticizes “naïve” reactions of bloggers that have expressed concern with the quite high levels of tolerance to civilian casualties in the US military.

Huh? “Afghanistan is not Sweden”? Wow, never thought about it this way!

The very title of this post is derogatory for Afghan people. We all VERY WELL know that Afghanistan is NOT Sweden; we learned that at school. But it is no more legitimate to kill civilian Afghans than to kill civilian Swedes. If Mr. Hounshell thinks otherwise, he should seek other venues to express his agenda.

As a permanent reader of the Foreign Policy magazine and blogs I feel personally offended by this post. To claim that the leak of documents is illegal and threatens current operations is one thing; to claim that people around the world are of different inherent quality is another. The right to life is the most fundamental human right (the US practice of execution notwithstanding). I decline to accept any justification for the loss of human life on the basis of nationality and geographic location.

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