Finally: a New Regime for GMO Approval

The Commission has finally made a proposal on a new regime for the approval of genetically modified organisms (GMO). The Commission proposes to confer to Member States the freedom to allow, restrict or ban the cultivation of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) on part or all of their territory. The general approval of the GMO will still be made on EU level under current rules, but once GMOs are approved, Member States will be able to decide whether to allow the introduction of the GMOs on their territory or not.

After almost 10 years after the adoption of Directive 2001/18/EC the Commission has made a positive step forward for the resolution of this very serious problem. The stalled comitology procedure for the approval of GMOs has been a rare example of systemic institutional failure of the EU (see also the excellent book by Mark Pollack and Gregory Shaffer: When cooperation fails: the international law and politics of genetically modified foods). Now, hopefully, this will change.

Given the fact that both the biotech industry and the environmentalists criticize the proposal, there may be a grain of salt to it.

2 responses to “Finally: a New Regime for GMO Approval

  1. John Fryer Chemist

    Bretagne is a GMO free area. What does this mean?
    It means that the GMO companies, European Government are cheats and liars playing God to our lives or more exactly our ill health.
    Through the port of Lorient in Bretagne France comes millions of tons of GMO food from America. Evenly divided amongst the whole of France this means that each and every person eats, consumes directly or indirectly a kilogram of GMO each and every week.
    This GMO contains viruses, bacterial frgaments such that any pest that eats it will have its guts destroyed. In the ten years that GMO has come to Europe the incidence of gut damage has increased more than 5 fold.
    GMO may one day be safe and equivalent to normal food but at the moment it is toxic contain viruses and bacteria once harmless to man but now of the ilk of AIDS and toxic E Coli.
    EColi once (1965) a bacteria found by the kilogram in us but now certain strains can kill us in a horrible fashion from just a millionth of a gram.
    GMO is not for nothing called FRANKEN FOOD.

    WHY after thousands of years of safe SOYA do we need GMO SOYA which every scientist can confirm harms us in more than 20 different ways today.
    Soya from America is almost all GMO and the promises of increased yields come from destroying the forests in some kind of three card trick to prove toxic food is fine as the millions that die NEVER once complained.

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