Surprise: Bulgaria Had Excessive Budget Deficit in 2009

It turns out that Bulgaria had excessive budget deficit in 2009. The Bulgarian government says it has just now discovered annexes to service and construction contracts that imply an additional financial burden of 1 billion Euro.

This means that the European Commission will have to start an excessive deficit procedure against Bulgaria.

More, it looks like Bulgaria will also have at least 7% budget deficit this year, according to the Bulgarian newspaper 168 chasa.

2 responses to “Surprise: Bulgaria Had Excessive Budget Deficit in 2009

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  2. From my exspierience having lived in bulgaria there is not a shortage of educated people pound for pound but more prospects for them abroad for example i have about 20 friends who are lawyers driving instructers teachers docters and so on the education system is abviusly better then mien beacause i have also many more freinds here including myself who cant even spell my only conclusion is that the help given is not the right help John Vincent Atanasoff ,
    In a period of three months two bulgarian scientists came up with their solution for curing cancer.The second one is now largly being invested in.

    Several years ago,Prodan Hristov,a Bulgarian oncologist born in 1923 found cure for cancer.He came out with the idea of inserting raw peony into the tumor which worked in a strange way on the cancer cells.He first tested the cure on german patients,then he went to Austria where he tried to register the cure.”They tried to steal the idea for 6 years!” he said,and that was the main reason it was not officially registered.The cure is now produced only in small amounts in Vienna.He now sold the pattern to the bulgarian government,after saying “I’m sick of playing this games.What I really wanted was just to leave a trace behind me”

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