Greece Makes Strange Moves

Greek Deputy Prime Minister Theodoros Pangalos has criticised Germany’s attitude towards the ongoing Greek debt crisis, adding that Athens had never received adequate war reparations. The German foreign ministry said that a discussion about the past is not helpful at all to solve today’s problems.

Mr. Pangalos also said that the EU suffers from lack of leadership. He added to that Italy was being more inaccurate with its financial statistics.

At the same time Greece demands a debt default guarantee to calm down markets.

I am in disarray. How is Greece expecting to get support and sympathy from its peers when using such language??? The markets will not be calmed by Mr. Pangalos’ statement; that is clear. I wonder whether Kostas Simitis knew better.

2 responses to “Greece Makes Strange Moves

  1. Simitis indeed knew better. It was under his watch that Greece’s military spending skyrocketed, that the cooking of statistic books started, and that the possibility of taxing the superwealthy Greek Orthodox Church waned.
    Indeed Pangalos is outspoken and his remarks are very untimely.
    But if there were many more like Pangalos in Greece in late 1990s with the courage to stand up and tell Simitis to stop overspending and cheating, perhaps Europe would not have been in such a mess.

  2. Вихър Георгиев

    Well, you probably know more about the intimacies of Greek politics, however, this does not exonerate Mr. Pangalos.

    Such language is inappropriate and does not help anyone move their agenda forward.

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