Pizza Napoletana in the Official Journal

Sometimes reading the Official Journal of the European Union has its benefits. Today we have the Regulation (EU) No 97/2010 entering a name in the register of traditional specialities guaranteed [Pizza Napoletana (TSG)]. What is remarkable about the regulation is the recipe for preparing the pizza napoletana (pp. 10-12). From personal experience I can highly recommend this specialty.


2 responses to “Pizza Napoletana in the Official Journal

  1. How about the millions of pizzerias worldwide offering this protected traditional speciality?

  2. Вихър Георгиев

    Good question, Ralph. The registration is made “without reservation of the name”.

    That means that the name may continue
    to be used on the labelling of products not corresponding to the registered specification, but the indication ‘traditional speciality guaranteed’, the abbreviation ‘TSG’ or the associated Community symbol may not be indicated (see art. 12, para. 1 of Regulation (EC) 509/2006 on agricultural products and foodstuffs as traditional specialities guaranteed).

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