Stoyan Baltov and the Hopelessness of Bulgarian Youth

Stoyan Baltov is dead. He was beaten to death on this day, December 5th, 2008 in front of a disco club in Sofia.

His death prompted a series of protests that climaxed on January, 14th 2009. On this date police dispersed the protestеrs in front of the Bulgarian Parliament with brutal force.

Today the case against two of the murderers is still in the prosecution’s office (it was referred back by the court for further investigation). The other participants in the beating are not considered responsible for Baltov’s death.

There is no independent investigation of the legality of the Bulgarian police’s actions on January, 14th 2009, either.

What does this mean for young Bulgarians that would like to lead a normal, meaningful life in Bulgaria? It means that they are not protected. It means that it is better to rely rather on yourself than on the Bulgarian institutions. It means hopelessness.

Make no mistake about it – unless the murderers of Stoyan Baltov are punished, there will be no legitimacy for the Bulgarian state in the eyes of the young Bulgarians. Unless we prove that murderers get punished in this country, we will only encourage new murderers. Should the Bulgarian institutions remain silent in this case, many more will simply choose the way out of here.

Is that what we want?

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