Lifting the Veil of Nomination Secrecy

Jean Quatremer has done the unthinkable – he has lifted the sacred veil of secret deliberations for the nomination of the first President of the European Council.

If his information is credible, then it appears that the President of France, Nicholas Sarkozy, has unilaterally opposed the candidacy of the prime minister of Luxembourg, Jean-Claude Juncker. All the other 26 Member States supported Mr. Juncker’s bid, but Mr. Sarkozy reportedly “vetoed” without stating any reasons.

Mr. Quatremer says that the Swedish Prime Minister then proposed Herman van Rompuy, not wanting to propose a formal vote. This was done although the Treaty of Lisbon requires a qualified majority, rather than anonymity, to appoint the President of the European Council.


One response to “Lifting the Veil of Nomination Secrecy

  1. Well, as one of the comments on Quatremers’ blog puts it “Juncker was too European, too much like Delors”. And, as another nearly put it, ‘Sarkozy behaved like a wet-behind-the-ears schoolboy, getting his own back because he had been slighted a couple of times by Juncker’.

    That, folks, is the level of EU diplomacy.

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