What Commission Porftolio for Rumiana Jeleva?

Bulgarian foreign minister Rumiana Jeleva is the Bulgarian candidacy for commissioner at the European Commission. Prime Minister Boyko Borisov announced that the Bulgarian government is negotiating for the energy portfolio in the next Commission. This also means that the current Bulgarian commissioner, Meglena Kuneva, will probably not be appointed in the next Commission college.

However, sources in the European Commission cited by Dnevnik and novinite.com say that Bulgaria is not an example of success in the energy sector, the Bulgarian nominee lacks any experience in energy issues, the current Energy Commissioner, Andris Peilbags, is likely to keep the post and if not, other countries such as France, the Netherlands, and Poland are also lobbying for the position.

This leaves open the question what portfolio is available for Mrs. Jeleva at the moment. Diplomatic sources have criticized the approach of announcing in advance candidacies and possible portfolios.

As Ole Ryborg recently pointed out, the Brussels power play is a lot more sophisticated than it looks from the outside. A lot is needed to convince other Member States and the Commission President in the value of a candidacy to the portfolio in question. We should also keep in mind that approval hearings at the European Parliament have become quite demanding lately. The Treaty of Lisbon is having its impact on the negotiations, too.

3 responses to “What Commission Porftolio for Rumiana Jeleva?

  1. You are quite right about the competition for posts and the activist role of the European Parliament.

    This time we have the added complication of not knowing when the new Commission can be appointed or under which treaty.

  2. Вихър Георгиев

    Yes, the relevant appointment procedure is a big question.

    The new European Parliament will probably be very active on appointment issues indeed.

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