Who Holds the Keys to the Treaty of Lisbon?

Tomorrow the people in Ireland shall decide the faith of the Treaty of Lisbon.

But it does not end there. Seventeen Czech senators have filed a second complaint against the Lisbon Treaty with the Constitutional Court in Prague. They say that the Irish guarantees have a character of additional clauses to the Lisbon treaty and the guarantees of keeping a commissioner for Ireland in particular is a clear amendment to the Lisbon treaty.

At the same time Mirek Topolanek, a former Czech PM said after a meeting with Jose Manuel Barroso that “if the Lisbon Treaty is not ratified because of President Klaus’ refusal to sign, the European Commission will be reduced”, leaving the Czech Republic without a commissioner.

This may well be true. But we still need a unanimous decision by the Council under the Treaty of Nice to stipulate rules for a “rotation system based on the principle of equality”.

Given the new procedure before the Czech Constitutional Court it may be reasonable to start negotiations now.

4 responses to “Who Holds the Keys to the Treaty of Lisbon?

  1. Dick Nieuwenhuis

    Not on this topic but in general: would be nice if you had a twitter or RSS-feed to follow this blog.
    Thanks in advance!

  2. Вихър Георгиев

    Hi Dick,

    Thank you for the suggestion. You now have a link to RSS feeds in the right column.

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  4. I think the Czech Prez is trying to use the leverage he has as the last to sign on. I bet it is making the other States’ leaders pretty upset.

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