New Open Letter on Russia

There is a new open letter by Eastern European and Western politicians, intellectuals and activists. The list is long: Vaclav Havel, Valdas Adamkus, Mart Laar, Vytautas Landsbergis, Otto de Habsbourg, Daniel Cohn Bendit, Timothy Garton Ash, André Glucksmann, Mark Leonard, Bernard-Henri Lévy, Adam Michnik, Josep Ramoneda.

The letter addresses the Russian occupation of parts of the territory of Georgia. It focuses on the EU policies towards Russia and contains strong reminiscences to WWII. The authors say:

“It would be utterly disastrous if we were to appear in any way to condone the kind of practices that plunged our continent into war and division for most of the last century.”

This letter comes after a previous one in July 2009 that addressed the United states policies towards Central and Eastern Europe, and after the decision of the US to withdraw plans for a missile shield in the region.

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