The European Court of Human Rights is in Crisis?

A new report by Chatham House claims that the European Court of Human Rights is in real crisis, with over 50000 cases filed in 2008, as compared to 43000 cases for the first 43 years of existence of the Court.

The report says that four states (Russia, Turkey, Romania and Ukraine) account for about 57% of the Court’s workload. It also notes that Protocol 14 of the European Convention on Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms has not yet entered into force due to Russia’s failure to ratify it.

4 responses to “The European Court of Human Rights is in Crisis?

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  2. The Court is in crisis for years, due to the non-ratification of the Protocol 14 (that aimed at reforming the Court’s procedures) by Russia.

    At least, finally, the new procedures under the 14-bis Protocol setting up some of the provisions of Protocol 14 are in place now as the ECHR blog reports:

    This might help to ease the case load, although it will take a good bunch of time until the tailback of cases will have reduced.

  3. Вихър Георгиев

    Thanks, Julien, for the useful update!

  4. Human rights ?
    Here is a story that has been quiet down in sweden and their Media is involved too.

    In July 2009 took Sweden over the chairmanship of the European Union, and in September 2009 a large
    conference is planned in Kronoberg and Växjö with over 500 delegates representing most of the member states.

    With regard to the fact that the “investigation” was instigated in Växjö and the whole story revolving around authorities in Kronoberg it would be inappropriate that this horrible and shameful account should be drawn to the attention of the Public in all of the EU member states, and especially embarrassing for The Swedish State, Kronoberg, Växjö Council and others directly involved.
    Here is the shameful story:

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