European Council Conclusions – June 2009

The European Council conclusions from the June 2009 meeting cover a couple of very important issues.

Treaty of Lisbon

A decision and a declaration are attached to the conclusions that address the concerns of the Irish government on the ratification of the Treaty of Lisbon. The document says that the decision is legally binding, does not require a new ratification, and will be attached as a protocol to the founding treaties during the ratification of the next accession.

Commission President

The Heads of State or Government agreed unanimously on the name of José Manuel Barroso as the person they intend to nominate as President of the European Commission for the period 2009-2014.

Economic and Financial Situation

The European Council supports the creation of a European Systemic Risk Board which will monitor and assess potential threats to financial stability and, where necessary, issue risk warnings and recommendations for action and monitor their implementation. The European Council also recommends the establishment of an European System of Financial Supervisors, comprising three new European Supervisory Authorities.

Climate Change and Sustainable Development

The European Council considers that all countries except the least developed should contribute to the financing of the fight against climate change in developing countries on the basis of a universal, comprehensive and specific contribution key.

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