EU Legislation in Preparation: Statistical Analysis

The fellow blog EU Law brought my attention to the new Directory of Community legislation in preparation. Then I figured out that it is a good source for a statistical analysis of the number of acts in preparation in various fields of Community law.

Here is a chart with the results:

EU legislation in preparation, May 2009EU legislation in preparation, May 2009

We can see that “External relations” lead with 412 acts (mainly bilateral agreements with non-member countries – 296). The other major themes are “Agriculture” (110 acts), “Transport policy” (91 acts), “Industrial policy and internal market” (118 acts), “Environment, consumers and health protection” (138 acts), and “Area of freedom, security and justice” (114 acts).

This is not to say that the number of acts has something to do with their importance, but gives us an idea about the pressure points in the legislative process.

2 responses to “EU Legislation in Preparation: Statistical Analysis

  1. Hello, this is very interesting for me. However, the stuff I look for most is exact statistic on every area of EU since 1957.

  2. Вихър Георгиев

    Well, that is quite ambitious. Check this out for guidance:

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