Commission Proposes Vision for the Area of Freedom, Security and Justice

The European Commission has adopted two communications analyzing the EU’s work on justice and internal affairs in recent years and setting out its priorities for the future.

The Commission believes that the future programme should be devised around four major priorities:

Promoting citizens’ rights — a Europe of rights

Тhe area of freedom, security and justice must above all be a single area in which fundamental rights are protected, and in which respect for the human person and human dignity, and for the other rights enshrined in the Charter of Fundamental Rights, is a core value. The citizen’s privacy must be preserved beyond national borders, especially by protecting personal data; allowance must be made for the special needs of vulnerable people; and citizens must be able to exercise their specific rights to the full, such as the right to vote and the right to consular protection.

Making life easier — a Europe of justice

Тhe achievement of a European area of justice must be consolidated. Priority should be given to mechanisms that facilitate people’s access to the courts, so that they can enforce their rights throughout the Union. Where contracts and commerce are concerned, this should give those involved in economic life the tools they need to take full advantage of the opportunities offered by the single market. Cooperation between legal professionals should also be improved, and resources should be mobilised to put an end to barriers to the recognition of legal acts in other Member States.

Protecting citizens — a Europe that protects

А domestic security strategy should be developed in order further to improve security in the Union and thus to protect the life and safety of European citizens. The strategy should be aimed at strengthening cooperation in police matters and law enforcement and making entry to Europe more secure. Tougher, more coordinated action is needed particularly to combat organised crime and terrorism.

Promoting a more integrated society for the citizen — a Europe of solidarity

А major priority in the next few years will be consolidating and putting into practice a policy on immigration and asylum that guarantees solidarity between Member States and partnership with non-Union countries. The policy should offer legal immigrants a clear and uniform status. A closer match should be developed between immigration and the needs of the European labour market, along with targeted integration and education policies.

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