Why Vote for the European Parliament?

Some are probably asking this question. Here are three important reasons:

1. The European Parliament is a lawmaking institution. Many rules that will change your life are adopted with its participation. An example – the idea to ban ordinary lighting bulbs.

2. The European Parliament decides whether or not a new Member State will join the European Union. The candidates for membership in the moment are Croatia, Macedonia and Turkey.

3. The European Parliament participates in the election of the European Commission. Who will be the President of the Commission depends on you!

2 responses to “Why Vote for the European Parliament?

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  2. Fortunately, the EU Parliament will shortly be strengthened. On the other hand, I think the appt of EU officials by state leaders does not contradict democratic principles because those leaders have been elected and repuplican democratic principles don’t function as well directly at a very large scale. If you are interested, here is a related post:

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