Annual Report of the European Ombudsman – 2008

The European Ombudsman has issued his annual report for 2008.

The Ombudsman registered 3 406 complaints in 2008, compared to 3 211 in 2007. Almost 60% of all complaints registered by the Ombudsman in 2008 were sent electronically, either by e-mail or using the complaint form on the Ombudsman’s website.

24% of the complaints were found to be inside the European Ombudsman’s mandate. However, in almost 80% of cases, the Ombudsman was able to help the complainant by opening an inquiry into the case, transferring it to a competent body, or giving advice on where to turn for a prompt and effective solution to the problem.

Most inquiries opened by the Ombudsman in 2008 concerned theCommission (66% of the total). The main types of maladministration alleged in inquiries opened in 2008 were lack of transparency, including refusal of information (36% of the total), unfairness or abuse of power (20%), unsatisfactory procedures (9%), negligence (8%), avoidable delay (8%), legal error (7%), discrimination (5%), and failure to ensure fulfilment of obligations by Member states (5%).

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