De-solidarisation of NATO?

A report by Rem Korteweg and Richard Podkolinski from the Hague Centre for Strategic Studies claim that a trend of de-solidarisation of NATO is observed.

The authors find eight strategic dilemmas for the Alliance:

  • The impact of the shift to a multipolar system and the global economic recession on the Alliance’s credibility and capabilities, and the increasing global demand for security;
  • NATO’s role in resource scarcity;
  • The need for NATO to address proliferation and redefine its deterrent posture;
  • The demand to increase NATO’s strategic ambitions;
  • The difficulty to achieve success in Afghanistan;
  • The discord over NATO’s strategic orientation;
  • Divergent views on NATO enlargement;
  • The discord over relations with Russia.

The authors believe that a new Alliance Strategic Concept must find a resolution to these dilemmas.

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